Have Painting Will Travel

Have Painting Will Travel



I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with someone who appreciated my work and wanted to commission me for a piece. It was a lot of fun translating someone’s ideas into paint (there was a specific request for Patagonia mountains, stormy sea, boat, and the Orion constellation). It was a good challenge to squeeze it all into a long slender area. He loved the result – which is a very satisfying feeling after all of the time invested.


(The piece is an unusual shape as it will be fitted into a customised campervan, which will hopefully travel to many interesting places and meet many fun people.)

Sketches  Final Design  First Coat  Vision Quest full

Orion Close-up 1   Glaze Highlighted   Some Other Background Constellations These background constellations are easily overlooked but if you look closely, they are as accurate as I could get them. Very tired eyes by the end.