This is me. I like to draw, I like to paint. If I go for long periods without doing either I start to feel shifty and lose sight of my self.

Painting is a means of expression vital to my sanity/identity/general well being. I crave connection in my work – with an idea or an emotion, and hope that the audience might respond and identify with that. It comes from the heart, my art.

Other points of extreme interest:
– I am addicted to using parentheses (excessively) when I write and love time lapse videos.
– I am a Canadian living on the North West coast of Scotland, where it is beautiful.
– I am generally better at expressing myself through my work than talking about myself.

If you like my work, you can purchase prints on the Purchase page or contact me for commissions, murals or anything creative relevant to my style.

I am off the fence, going for it, following my arty heart and hoping for the best.